CLASS Adult Residential Accommodations

CLASS works with people supported and their families to provide a variety of group living supports for men and women over the age of 18. The support model is flexible and can be adapted to meet the changing needs, lifestyles and desires of residents. Our goal is to assist people supported in identifying their priorities and actualizing personal outcomes within a safe, healthy environment. A holistic approach is used to promote a balanced lifestyle including; community activities, employment and volunteer opportunities, social, recreation and leisure.

CLASS has adopted the Person Directed philosophy in all service areas. This approach focuses on the people supported directing his or her own support to the greatest extent possible and planning is based on their self identified desires, goals, needs, accomplishments and wishes. This is a strength-based approach that empowers individuals to optimize their autonomy.

The Adult Accommodations Program provides support in a number of aspects of daily living such as community access, health, home, food, and financial management. Accessing the best possible resources for health care and specialized services such as physiotherapy, behavioural and psychiatric supports are a priority. Linkages to external agencies and naturalized community supports are facilitated as indicated by the Person Directed Plan.

CLASS strives to provide people with supports necessary for them to actualize their priorities in a safe home environment. The residents in co-ordination with their support teams consisting of the case manager, staff, family and significant others work together to achieve identified goals. Services and supports are designed to empower people supported to maximize their potential while respecting their right to independence and assistance. For some people this will mean 24 hours of supervision and care while others will require varying levels of assistance.

Community Participation Programs


To assist people supported to reach their goals, CLASS offers a variety of day programs, which may include; transition planning and supports, educational opportunities, recreation, leisure, volunteering, life skills and employment.

Fee for Service

CLASS also provides a fee for service community participation day program called Passages based on requests and availability. This program is designed based on the interest and goals of the people who attend and may include: job experience supports, life and social skill training, volunteer activities and inclusive recreation.

Click here for Fee For Service brochure.

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For more information regarding the CLASS programs, please contact:

Brenda Quinlan
Chair Admissions Committeee

233 Church Street South, Alliston, ON L9R 2B7

Phone: (705) 435-4792 Ext. 229
Fax: (705) 435-2766

How To Access all Ministry funded Developmental Services in Ontario

Adult services and supports for individuals with an intellectual disability can be accessed through the Ministry of Community and Social Services central intake portal: Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).

Simcoe County services and supports for adults with an intellectual disability are accessed through: Central East Region – Developmental Services Ontario.
Phone: (905) 953-0796 or 1 (855) 277-2077
Fax: (905) 952-2077