Event:     2020 CLASS Annual General Meeting

Date:      October 20, 2020

Place:    Online with Zoom

Time:      7 pm


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I have been a resident of Tottenham for the past 44 plus years. I’m married with 2 sons and an amazing little granddaughter, Abigail. My youngest son Brett lives and works in Barrie as a news anchor on a local radio station. My oldest son Christian lives at home with my husband Mike & myself. I am now retired and loving it! Prior to retirement I was Office Manager for a large U.S. based trucking company operating out of Milton.

Christian and I were introduced to CLASS when he was almost 4 years old when he started at the nursery program. We received such tremendous help, guidance and support from the amazing staff there and I have always felt that without their guidance and support, Chris nor I would be who we are today. I think CLASS is such a vital organization within our community and I truly hope that everyone who comes in contact with CLASS gets the same help and guidance that we did.

Tom Eagan

Tom was born in 1967, the youngest of a family that has not really moved far in the last 180 years or so. He has always been part of the Tottenham community and Colgan Parish.

He was educated at St. James, Colgan, for elementary school and then attended Sacred Heart High School in Newmarket. After this, he pursued his Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics from the University of Guelph. His next step was to take a year off to work on the family dairy farm and supply teach for local schools. Following this, he completed a Masters Degree in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Saskatchewan. It was here that he formally met the Basilian Fathers and started studying philosophy and theology on the side.

From the prairies he moved back to Ontario to formally help with chaplaincy at Western University. While living with the Basilian Fathers in London, he completed his Bachelor of Education degree. After this graduation, Tom moved to San Lorenzo, Mexico, for one year (part of the formation with the Basilian Fathers). That year involved living in community and he would like to say “helping the poor” but he thinks he learned more wisdom and acts of sincere charity than he ever gave back. It was during his time there that he decided to move back to Tottenham and hopefully become part of the community as a teacher.

Teaching for Tom involves a healthy amount of extracurricular activity (cross-country, science help nights, ball hockey, and cross-country). He has become more open to appreciating different styles of learning, recognizing the variety of effective teaching methods, and most importantly, realizing that every student has the capacity to learn and his job is to take that responsibility with the greatest humility possible.


Alan lives in Tottenham, Ontario, where he owned two pharmacies since 1992. Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Alan was a high school science teacher for 10 years and a pharmacist for 30 years. He holds degrees from University of Windsor, Queen’s, Saskatchewan and the Schulich School of Business at York University.

In the past, Alan served on the finance committee of the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association and on the Board of Directors for Pharmasave Ontario. Previously Chair of the Quality and Governance & Nominations Committees and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stevenson Memorial Hospital.

Alan enjoys semi-retirement in Tottenham with his wife, Aileen.


Dr. Myatt is a Physician in Alliston and is a member of the Alliston Family Health Team where he maintains his family practice. Dr. Myatt is also an active member of Staff at Stevenson Memorial Hospital where he is Chief of the Emergency Department. He has taken a significant role in Physician Leadership at the hospital as an executive in the Professional Staff Association. Dr. Myatt continues to contribute academically as a medical student and resident supervisor through the Rural Ontario Medical Program.

Dr. Myatt received his Undergraduate degree from The University of Toronto in 2002. He completed a Masters Degree in Public Health at St. Georges University School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine in 2004 and received his Medical Degree from St. Georges University School of Medicine in 2008. Dr. Myatt competed his Residency in Family Medicine at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in 2011.

Dr. Myatt and his Wife of 15 years, Nicole, choose Alliston in 2011 as the community where they wanted to make their home and raise their children. Those living with developmental disorders and disabilities are near and dear to their heart as they have 3 young children, 2 of whom have autism spectrum disorder.

Mary-Lou Osborne

Mary-Lou lives just outside of Loretto, is married and has two boys. Her younger son, Bryan lives with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and developmental delay, and has been a client of CLASS since pre-school.

After Bryan’s diagnosis, Mary-Lou left a busy, creative advertising career to stay home and care for her sons. Since then, she has worked for many years as a supply teacher, Special Education teacher, and Educational Assistant, all on a part-time basis. Her years of specialist appointments and therapies with her son, extensive research, and experience working with young people with different exceptionalities has made her a determined advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves.

After her family settled in Colgan in 1973, she attended St. James School, Banting Memorial High School, York University, and the New York Institute of Art and Design. She now pursues a part-time career as an Interior Designer, working mostly with local builders.

Bryan started receiving services from CLASS as a young pre-schooler, after it became apparent that intervention was needed during pre-school. He had a Children’s Services Worker that facilitated in the classroom, and also came to the house to provide structured play/therapy.

During the school years, Bryan’s involvement with CLASS was much less, mostly receiving programs for summer camp activities and the occasional March Break camp.

Since turning 18, Bryan has turned to CLASS for day supports. He now participates in the Passages Pay-for-Service program three days a week in Alliston. He loves the activities and is very enthusiastic to be in the company of his new friends and facilitators.